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  1. As well it should, much is being made about Betsie Bay”s importance to the fish and the local sports fishing economy, but another addition to the economy is the number of birders drawn to the Bay by large influxes of waterfowl, shorebirds and many other species. I have birded this area for over 40 years and have met a much greater number of birders from outside Benzie Co. in these past few years than I had ever encountered before birding the Bay. In part this may be due to the increasing popularity of birding and also in part to much improved communication between birders. Anything that may threaten the birds using the Bay will also have a deleterious effect on the economy due to loss of birders coming to the Bay. I do not support the Tobin project , but if it must be carried out extreme care must be exercised in the process of its completion and in the maintenance of the development for years to come.

  2. Thanks, Keith, for these comments! We were focusing on the water issues here due to the request from Mr. Tobin to fill in some degree of the wetlands on his property. Mr. Mark Tonello is with the DNR/Fisheries Department and so his comment was directed to his area of expertise.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a Department for all the Aves?!!

    FoBB really appreciates your comments, in general, but totally agree with your last two sentences. Please feel free to attend the Public Hearing on Thursday, April 17th, in the Commissioner’s Room at the county Courthouse.

    Best, Suz McLaughlin
    FoBB Secretary

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